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3ft Yellow Chandeliers with light bulbs built into frame

3ft Yellow Chandeliers with light bulbs built into frame

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3ft - £300

3.5ft, 5ft & 6.5ft are also available 

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1.3ft Chandelier: Enhance smaller spaces or create a captivating focal point with our 3ft Chandelier. Its compact size doesn't compromise on elegance. The intricately designed details and high-quality materials make it a perfect addition for intimate gatherings or cozy interiors.

2. 5ft Chandelier: For a more pronounced statement, our 5ft Chandelier is the ideal choice. Its grandeur and sophistication are sure to impress. Hang it in a foyer, dining area, or even as a centerpiece for special occasions. The brilliant crystals and stunning design will light up your space in style.

3. 6.5ft Chandelier: When you seek the utmost in luxury and grandeur, our 6.5ft Chandelier stands tall as the pinnacle of sophistication. This masterpiece of lighting design is perfect for grand ballrooms, event venues, or to create a dramatic impact in large spaces. Its size, combined with the intricate crystal arrangement, ensures an unforgettable presence. Each of these chandeliers has been crafted with precision and care to offer both illumination and a touch of refined beauty. With their varied sizes, you can choose the one that perfectly fits your vision. Bid now to bring a touch of glamour to your space with our Chandelier Lights.



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